Cloud Telephony

A powerful cloud phone system for a truly anywhere experience

Conduct business anywhere with CircleLoop. As an intuitive desktop to mobile softphone VoIP app, CircleLoop was built from the ground up in the UK, exclusively as a SaaS solution. Everything you do is instant – from simple, fast provisioning to the self-service management portal to add, remove and modify existing user licenses. There’s no legacy hardware to install and it can be deployed and set up in minutes. With HD audio quality that runs at a far superior bit-rate to traditional systems, using CircleLoop means business on the move has never been more productive.

CircleLoop includes...
  • Desktop Softphone and Smartphone App
  • Instant setup time
  • Free number porting
  • Unlimited minutes to UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 mobile numbers
  • All the standard features of a cloud business phone system
  • Call conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Self-service management portal

Seamlessly integrate customer data to boost productivity

CircleLoop is home to CRM integrations that help businesses access their customer data faster. Integrations such as Microsoft 365, Nimble CRM, Zoho, HubSpot, Capsule and PipeDrive means you can easily click on a contact to call them. Any integration you activate will feed back into your CRM database, logging the call activity on the record. The freedom and flexibility that CircleLoop offers businesses, enables you to be more productive from any location on a desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.

HD call quality

Audio runs at a far superior bit-rate to traditional systems, with high quality audio via desktop and mobile apps

A truly anywhere solution

Switch between mobile and desktop applications and UK local and mobile numbers in an instant, in any location

Bigger cost savings

Consolidate business contracts and enjoy unlimited minutes to any UK 01, 02, 03 and mobile numbers

Improves brand image

CircleLoop gives you complete freedom to choose unique numbers from hundreds of different geographic codes, national rate or even mobile

Boost your productivity

Integrate business CRM software with CircleLoop to enable click to call directly from customer databases on the app

Instant ways to connect

Between call conferencing and CRM app integration, you can instantly connect with your consumers

Conference Call

An Introduction to Conference Call by Meetupcall

Save time and make meetings more productive with Conference Call. With no hidden charges, unlimited calls, and a feature-rich platform which enables one-tap click to join on a smartphone all for one monthly fee, Conference Call by Meetupcall is one of the easiest and best ways to arrange, join and manage meetings in or out of the office. There’s no software to install as each conference call can be managed in real-time on the dashboard from any device. Plus, you’ll get meetings in crystal clear HD audio and can enable the system to dial-out to attendees, meaning they’ll never have to memorise link and pin codes ever again. This is conference calling as it should be.

*Please note accessing calls from international numbers will incur charges as specified by the service provider not included in this service

Product Summary
  • Unlimited conference calls within UK
  • Integrates with Outlook and other calenders
  • Includes dial out to the UK, screenshare and call recording features
  • Self service administration area to add, remove and manage users
  • 100+ international dial-in numbers in over 70 countries*
  • One tap dial-in for smartphones
  • Call Me feature to dial attendees when the meeting begins


Crystal clear HD audio with advance background noise filtering.


Record your conference calls at the touch of a button and securely store them for up to a year.


The super smart ‘Call Me’ feature automatically dials attendees at the start of a meeting, eliminating lengthy waiting times.


With Conference Call, all it takes is one tap via a smartphone to join the call. Or dial-in the traditional way via a local or international number.


One dashboard, multiple options. Conference Call allows presenters to add, remove and manage users in real-time.


The screenshare feature allows attendees to see product demos, presentations and plans – all with one simple click.

Hosted Voice


Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud based telephone system which sends voice traffic over the internet. It enables businesses to seamlessly communicate and collaborate, it’s easy to set up and there’s little to no maintenance required.

Product Selection
  • 5 user minimum
  • 2000 inclusive National and Mobile minutes pooled across all users 
  • Call itemisation, call reporting/recording
  • Audio conferencing (up to 5 people)
  • Free number porting 
  • Free DDI's (10 per block)
  • MiCollab Softphone/Smartphone software


Retrieve voicemails without dialing in to the system


Instantly record any call at the touch of a button


Take calls on the move with the Mitel Mobile App


Avoid making calls to users that are not available


Upload music to make being on hold interesting


One phone number, multiple end points

Voice Hardware

Mitel 6900

A powerful phone that’s perfect for the modern enterprise user. As one of the newest in the Mitel series and designed as a flexible system with high quality communication experience, the 6900 series provides support for USB, Bluetooth and Analog handsets and features Gigabit Ethernet connections. Plus, your customers will also get crystal clear HD audio, phonebook and a high quality full-duplex speakerphone.

The 6900 series includes the following models...

  • 6920
  • 6930
  • 6940


A standard cordless phone system that’s designed specifically for small businesses. This powerful yet delicate device allows you to make calls at the drop of a hat, without the complex features. As a DECT handset, it includes all the regular features your customers will expect such as a speakerphone, phonebook and an analogue port. You will also benefit from eco mode, receive a cordless device and benefit from 3-way conference calls.

The Yealink W52TP SIP DECT Handset is the only model available. 

  • Yealink W52TP SIP DECT